This is the personal site of Gleb Budman.


I am currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Backblaze, Inc., an online backup company. Backblaze automatically backs up your PC over the internet. It takes just a few minutes and is incredibly easy. We provide a free trial and charge just $5/month to backup everything. We also have some fun videos you can watch: https://www.backblaze.com/


You know you should be backing up…try our service…I’m quite sure you’ll like it.


I created one new page about Backblaze on this site, but have not updated the rest of this site since 2006.


For more up-to-date information, visit my LinkedIn page.




Burning Man




Hang Gliding

2005 Memorial Day Trip (Slide, Palomino, Duck, McClennan)

2005 Ed Levin

2004 Woodrat Hang Gliding Trip


Other Events

2006 Houseboating

2005 Andy and Allyson Wedding

2005 Itay & Catherine’s Engagement & House Re-warming

2005 79ers 2nd Anniversary & Lenny’s Going Away

2005 AJ’s Visit

2005 Houseboating

2005 Shelby Mackay & Jeff Welsh Wedding

2005 Europe / London Work Trip

2005 Czech Republic Trip

2005 Pavni and Stuart Going Away

2005 What is a Jumpsuit?

2005 Jumpsuit Party

2005 Bay to Breakers

2004 Bay to Breakers


2004 Tahoe Spring Skiing